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If that’s the case, here are some tips from my friends:

– Print pictures of him and distribute them at Rossio saying he is a bastard (who says Rossio says Avenida dos Aliados or Quarteira beach in August);

-Hiring a Russian woman to enter his office and make a fuss, shouting that she has to take on the two children she made him;

– Putting dog poop on the handles of his car door (this operation requires bringing wipes to keep visible traces);

– Ask a friend of yours to call his office and leave a message: “tell Luís that his boyfriend called”. If you can guarantee that the message is delivered to the secretary or receptionist, the effect is greater, surely everyone will know;

If you have more useful tips, send them over. They will be helping a lot of women in our Portugal.

(it is not necessary to warn that this text is loaded with nonsense, exaggeration and irony, or is it?)

– If it ended up being unloving on his part, it only hurts in the first weeks, although it hurts a lot. Then I rationalize that it is he who loses and ceases to exist for me;

– If it turned out to be treason on his part, then he is a clown and he was not who I thought.

Otherwise, I agree with 3, 5, 7 and 9. For songs I prefer the Cell Block Tango from Chicago, ahah. At the end of my last relationship, I created a blog called “Only dukes come out” to try to get people to share stories of bastards with whom they hung out, but the thing didn’t have any support.

I loved it … and I am exactly in the 4 week of crying, chocolates and dinners that my heart’s friends. It will get better …. I know, because there is no other chance. Courage 🙂

Nádia, does it only hurt in the first weeks? It was good it was … If that happens to you, believe me, it was not love I felt. I who am not mushy can tell you that it is brutal suffering and takes many months, sometimes years, sometimes a life …. I hope you never know what I am talking about.

I have 13 mases that I discovered that a motherfucker cheated on me and I started walking. I recently stopped crying but I still think about him. Unfortunately I still like him. I wonder if I will ever stop liking it.

Anonymous at 16:29 … Maybe not, or maybe people have different ways of processing things. At first it also seems to me that the sadness will last forever, but the initial crying is so much that I think I will suffer everything in a short time. Then I rationalize and stop being able to suffer for those who don’t like me, there is something about me that revolts and doesn’t let me be that person who suffers for those who no longer want it. I am sure I would suffer for years for a dead companion … but for someone who left me?

His texts for a moment look like those of Por Falar Noutra Coisa but in a female version. Gender of those who see themselves on Facebook pages.

Well I loved EVERYTHING! Here are more tips for me: – imagine him in pajamas with a bout of diarrhea (not even the most beautiful man looks good in this photo) – remember those annoying details that we never valued (irritating voice, strange tics, sly accent, that one) BMW to pato bravo, his mother, finally EVERYTHING that irritated you and in the end they didn’t want to see) – imagine him begging on a rainy night (yes this is inhumane but it also occurred to me lolll) I don’t know so much about background when we forget it is EVEN when we do not even remember to do these nonsense.

I will now go further Popcorn ..